Church Services

We were privileged to have you as our guest recently. We trust that your visit here was spiritually enriching and you were warmly received. I want to personally invite you back to worship with us at Victory Outreach.

We believe God is doing something extraordinary through our church and would like for you to be a part.

If you’re considering our church as your family in the faith and you would like to worship with us on a regular basis, we welcome you as we continue to experience God’s blessing for our lives.

• Men’s Recovery Home
• Women’s Recovery Home
• Youth Ministry (G.A.N.G.)
• Children’s Ministry
• Women’s Ministry
• Men’s Ministry
• Marriage Ministry
• Singles Ministry
• Young Adults
• Bible Studies
• Lighthouses
• Evangelism
• Follow Up
• Discipleship
• Sports Ministry
• Intersession
• Security
• Ushers
• Counseling
• Hospital Ministry
• Gang Outreach